unique Extensions GUARANTEE 12 months

WARRANTY of Extensions


We understand when you are Customer are skeptical because you can buy a lot online on well German "crap". For this reason, all extensions our guarantee promise. A guarantee that is not necessary. Nevertheless, for your gut feeling to decide to buy extensions with us will certainly help!

Due to the exclusive quality of our finest selected European Human Hair ExtensionsA 12-month warranty. 😱 No other manufacturer offers you such a guarantee. You will often not get what was promised elsewhere. It may be that you mixed human hair (among others Horse hair) or mechanically re-re-made hair ( Silicone layer) which never meets your expectation of a hair extension. At the price, this can be quickly found, which human hair extensions are good and which is bad. We know you're so clever, that's why you're with us.

For your trust up to this point, thank you very much! That is why we promise! that we always give you the best market price for such a first-class extensionsOffer!

The following is the condition clearly and clearly listed:

Requirement for the warranty:

The warranty is only valid when using of our care series from Hairella from induction. If this is not the case, there is no warranty claim. (Tip! Directly with order, then the warranty will be activated automatically for you)


The start of the warranty period is the beginning of receipt of the extensions and applies 12 months!

The following does not cover this warranty:

  1. Damage due to incorrect attachment of the extensions
  2. subsequent colouring without retraction by our service team
  3. Split swear or felting at the hairline

Look at our All-round carefree packages which also covers such damages.

Expiration of a warranty case:

If the customer assumes that a warranty case has been received, then he must remove the entire extensions at his own expense and return it insured within 7 days from notification to us. After returning the extensions, the condition of the hair is assessed. If the hair swells to the above-mentioned, recognized quality defects, an exchange of the affected hair is carried out in new product. If there is no warranty, the goods will be returned to the customer immediately. The shipping costs incurred for this purpose shall be borne by the buyer.